Sunday, 7 April 2013

1000 Pages Views!!!

How this blog get more page views now that I'm on LOA then when I was writing every week is just crazy. I believe this is from finally being recognised for my awesomeness and immortalised on a poster. And not just any poster, a poster for the most awesome sport on earth to advertise not only what has become the biggest weekend of derby in Alberta.

The picture was taken of my very first scrimmage after benchmarking (apart from league scrimmages) when I could barely stand let alone skate, and some how I thought it a good idea to skate along side people like LuLuDemon and against people like Giorgia W. Tush. If that's not crazy enough it was co-ed, so I had to not only try to stay upright on my skates I had to do it while not getting goated by 6 foot men or even more difficult 4 foot Tee Nee who like to turn around to see the fear on your face as blocks this shit out of you.

So all in all the poster has boosted my already too large ego and my almost readerless blog, and my family thinks I'm famous but thankfully not famous enough to start asking for money.

Okay so it's only a little portion of my head but it's there!
  You can PURCHASE tickets HERE it's a great weekend full of Derby and I cant go because this baby refuses to come, so you should go in my place and bring me back a shirt!!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Derby For Life

I am fully and totally in Derby with drawl even though I can still watch games and help out my league its not the same as being a skating sweating functioning member of a team. I miss skating laps and even miss my not so fave coach. Worst of all I'm only 4 months pregnant which means I have on the best side at least 9 months before I will be back skating (this is a conservative estimate). Why so long? Well this is baby number 3, Yes 3! And I know that even thou I would like to imagine myself strapping on skates with baby 3 attached to my boob, I know this is unlikely. In reality I will be half dressed un showered smelling of puke. poop, sweat, and tears. Isn't it a nice picture? Hey don't judge I know what you derby girls smell like on your best day.

So all in all I miss Derby and I'm proud to say I do, it gives me comfort in knowing that it isn't some passing fad, Derby for Life.

HAHA and if you thought you were rid of me your not, tooo bad for you.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I worte about Derby!!

I have a new blog HERE where I wrote about derby. I'm going to be on LOA for a while if you want to keep up with whats going on with me you can follow my new blog HERE but be warned it wont be very derby related. Sorry.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


My step daughters school does this thing its called a micro society every person has a job a place just like the real world but is run on things other then money they trade volunteer earn credits. This exists in the derby world as well, its own micro society. The problem with this is in the micro as each and every decision almost always always has a large ripple or wave extending to teams and leagues onto neighbouring leagues and so on.

When I started derby I had rose colored glasses everything was a perfectly bright shade of happy. Slowly or quickly sometimes the tint of the glass get scuffed and scratched and flakes. Leaving a your eyes bouncing between colorless and cheery.

I took on too much and gave too little. And that's what happens in life you get what you give and the same goes for derby. As much as its nice to be part of a micro society it is still governed by the laws of life.

So all in all I have learnt that to be better I have to give better and sometime that means letting go.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Hitting a plateau
After benchmarks and scrimmages a couple games. Ive plateaued where do you go from there still being a rookie but not satisfied with where I am and intimidated by the only next step my league has to offer Ive found my self in blah.

What do I do? Put my big girl panties on and suck it the F up. So here I go Monday's Bells practice.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I know  I have not posted in forever but I have recently become captain of the Nightshades among other things and have had next to no time to do anything else. I have much to write as great things have and are happening in my derby world right now and I will soon be making a few posts so keep an eye out.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012